About Us

Ready Steady Roll Board games Bedford

Ready Steady Roll is a family run business, our mission is to get more people interacting and playing games together.

We think that board and card games are amazing for children, helping develop their brains, improve their relationships with their peers and family and preventing excessive screen time. There are so many amazing games out there (much more than just Monopoly and Jenga!) and we love to encourage families to spend quality time together over a table!

Ready Steady Roll run:

Pop Up Board Game Cafes, where families come along and play any game from our 150 strong collection while being tutored on how to play and enjoying homemade cake!

Board Game Workshops, Wellbeing Sessions and After School Clubs.

Board Gaming Parties and Team Building exercises.

An online store, promoting and selling board games.

After working with schools, we saw there was the need for a large game that the whole class can play simultaneously, we looked around, but there wasn't one, so we decided to make our own!

Our first series is called Roll into the Past and begins in the Stone Age, teaching pupils about prehistory, while also promoting lots of cross-curriculum stuff, like maths and British Values. We are working on more games in the series, including the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.