Educational MegaGames

Explore history with unique and interactive GIANT games

Mammoth Sized!

Giant A4 sized Cards, Huge inflatable Dice and an Epic Scope make our Roll into the Past Megagames an experience the children won’t forget for a long, long time!

Educational games that get the whole class involved and having fun

Split the class into teams or ‘tribes’, giving each player the chance to be the leader of their tribe while everyone discusses what they should do to make sure they have enough food to make it through the harsh winters while always being aware of a possible Cave Bear attack.

Think strategically while discovering what life was like in the Stone Age

Don’t just learn about our ancestors in the Stone Age, live through it in an hour! See first-hand how the Stone Age technologies shaped the nation as they gain ‘Civilisation points’.

Giant Strategy Card and Dice Game

Giant A4 cards show what actions your tribe can take this turn. Together as a group you must decide which card to use, but beware of unexpected event cards and the roll of the dice messing up your strategy!

Gather Wood and Stone to build weapons, tools and buildings while making sure you have enough food to feed your growing tribe.

Two inflatable giant dice add randomness and excitement to the game

Push your luck while on a hunt! Do you want to keep hunting and risk losing a tribe member to an Angry Aurochs, or do you settle with a small amount of food to keep your tribe safe, but possibly hungry?

Our Roll into the Past Megagames develop:

· Team Working, communication and spoken language skills

· Maths skills

· Strategic and critical thinking

· A deeper understanding of the chosen topic

· Knowledge of risk and reward

· Problem solving

· Reading and comprehension

· Healthy competition

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development

Ready Steady Roll’s Megagames provide many opportunities to discuss and promote SMSC which is very important to Ofsted. Here are just a few examples:

When a tribe develops a Shamanistic Culture is a great opportunity to discuss other religions and how religions have changed over the course of British History and the British Values of respect to other’s faiths.

Just lost a tribe member in a disastrous hunt? A great opportunity to talk about how that makes us feel and reflecting on what we could do differently.

A group of Neanderthals approach, how does your tribe respond? Do you fight them and steal resources for your hungry tribe, or befriend them? This presents the pupils with real moral and ethical dilemmas.

Engage in the British Value of Democracy by deciding as a group what actions your tribe will take, cooperating and listening to your teams viewpoints while making these decisions.

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How it works in your school

Our Roll into the Past Megagames are created for KS2, but are suitable for years 2+.

There are 2 options of how we can run a Roll into the Past Megagame at your school:

We can come in and run the Megagame for you. Each game takes around 1 hour, so multiple classes can take part throughout the day.

Contact us now to book a Roll into the Past Workshop at your school!

You can purchase the game for your school and run the sessions yourself, the rules are pretty straightforward! [Coming soon!]

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